• December 20, 2017

USAID Report: Identity in a Digital Age

USAID Report: Identity in a Digital Age

USAID Report: Identity in a Digital Age 925 523 AID:Tech

Identity in a Digital Age: Infrastructure for Inclusive Development

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Understanding Different Roles in Shaping a Sustainable and Inclusive Global ID System


‘ID is far more than just a card with a name and a photograph. ID technologies sit at the interface between the power and prerogatives of institutions and the rights and needs of individuals.’

Introduction, USAID Report: Identity in a Digital Age

This report was written by the Strategy & Research team within the Centre for Digital Development at USAID.

The report contains two main sections and recognises that ID systems are a critical part of development infrastructure, impacting actors encompassing those serving as providers and also those as recipients.

The first places digital ID in the context of the larger digital infrastructure as way to understand current approaches surrounding ID for development. The second investigates how the ID landscape is evolving today and the various modes in which they are available and in emergence. These include Mobile, Biometric, Algorithmic as well as Blockchain-based digital identity.

Mention of AID:Tech in the Report

During our time at the Global Innovation Week, we were fortunate to be able to work with the Strategy & Research team and provided our knowledge and experience in implementing Blockchain-based digital identity in the humanitarian and development sectors. We are thrilled to see Blockchain-based IDs a notable part of section 2 and AID:Tech’s work documented and recognised.

You can find mention of AID:Tech on page 60 of the full report



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