• June 23, 2017

United Nations ID2020 Summit with AID:Tech’s Joseph Thompson

United Nations ID2020 Summit with AID:Tech’s Joseph Thompson

United Nations ID2020 Summit with AID:Tech’s Joseph Thompson 1024 432 AID:Tech


Most of us reading this article can verify our identity easily through government issued passports, driver licenses and ID cards, or provide proof of their skills, educational diplomas and verify their home address to show who they are. This is not the case for over 2.4 billion people around the globe – especially those living in, or fleeing from war-torn regions, those experiencing political turmoil or victims of natural disasters.

By providing Digital IDs, we can authenticate and distribute identities critical to distributing aid, assistance and other services securely, transparently and directly to those in need.

This past Monday at the United Nations ID2020 there was a lot of focus on blockchain being used to create Digital Identity.

“What ID2020 is truly focused on is bringing together an alliance of stakeholders to ensure the technology that is being developed is responsive to the needs of individuals,” Dakota Gruener, executive director at ID2020, said in an interview. “Technology is only one piece of this.”

This is at the heart of what we do here at AID:Tech.

Our Digital ID system powered by the Blockchain is already a working reality, having passed several live tests of deploying aid and social services. AID:Tech’s Digital Identity platform not only distributes services instantly, securely and at a fraction of the cost charged by the alternative platforms, but also helps financially empower the under served and un-bankable. Ours isn’t a theory – it is a real platform powered and secured by the blockchain.

The UN ID2020 inspires us to expand our platform further; to build on this brilliant meeting of minds, companies and organisations.

AID:Tech CEO Joseph Thomson attended the event at the UN ID2020. “This event was a great gathering to show the importance of distributing a digital ID solution. Our mission at AID:Tech is to bring social and financial inclusion to the world’s undocumented, underserved and unbanked populations. We do this by using our bespoke blockchain solution”.

“Blockchains give humanitarian organisations the ability to sidestep costly middlemen, to access and verify critical information, and to track the flow of funds and resources from donation through to delivery. It also gives people – beneficiaries and donors alike – the ability to know where their resources are going, and to have faith in the system. There are many additional add-on services like remittances, microinsurance and micro pensions.

In the face of growing humanitarian crises, embracing blockchain technology is more of an imperative than a sheer novelty. We are thrilled to be in very good company with the UN ID2020 participants. Working together we can respond to delivering resources to those who need it most”.