Resilience and Preparedness in Disaster Relief with Digital Identity and Traceability

  • In 2017, the cost of damages from natural disasters amounted to over $300 billion in the US.
  • The California wildfires in 2018 have amounted costs of over $3 billion. More than doubling of that from the 2017 fire season.
  • Studies show worrying long-term trends, where the number of recurring natural disasters are looking likely to rise year on year, and its impact to worsen at every turn.
  • Resources available are increasingly at risk of falling behind; levels of preparedness and responsiveness may face crisis, critically affecting those who are least equipped to respond.

In November 2018, St Vincent de Paul Disaster Services Corporation and AID:Tech launched the first US deployment.

The objective is to deliver transparency and traceability over the donation journey for individual and institutional supporters. At the same time, intended recipients are provisioned with unique digital identity on the blockchain that connect them with the charitable giving received via the platform.

Managed by SVP Disaster Services Corporation, entitlements such as the House in a Box Program, is digitally disbursed to recipients. Held within their unique digital identity profile, they are able to get hold of the goods and services necessary from partnering merchant stores.

Digitalising the process of value being transferred from beginning to end allows for data to be securely captured, managed and disseminated in an anonymised fashion. It becomes possible to build bigger pictures, for example in the form of reports, around how resources surrounding disaster relief is gathered and utilised. This capacity empowers organisations to approach the effectiveness and efficiency of disaster relief processes in a systematic and sustainable way.