Delivering Welfare to Women in Blanchardstown, Ireland

Project Details

Together with the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SvP), the AID:Tech solution was deployed in Blanchardstown, in Ireland, in March 2016. Solution objectives were to provision digital identity and to enhance the access of welfare entitlements for women of nomadic communities. Without fixed abode, the nomadic communities have been conventionally disadvantaged in terms of accessing the range of welfare services available, such as the ones provided by SvP.


AID:Tech digital IDs were provisioned in the form of QR codes and appended to paper vouchers provided to intended beneficiaries – women of nomadic communities. When scanning the QR codes that represent unique digital IDs, shop tellers can identify the value that individual beneficiaries were entitled to.

Fraud Prevention

Subsequently, every transaction that takes place is confirmed in real-time and stored on the blockchain – generating an audit trail for SvP. With permanent and immutable records made on the blockchain of every transaction, after the balance on a voucher has been spent, the voucher is made redundant and cannot be spent again. This entirely removes the margin of fraud in the process.