• December 13, 2017

AID:Tech Joins Mastercard’s Start Path Program

AID:Tech Joins Mastercard’s Start Path Program

AID:Tech Joins Mastercard’s Start Path Program 925 523 AID:Tech

AID:Tech Joins Mastercard Start Path for Strategic Development, Operational Support & Commercial Access


As part of the program, AID:Tech was invited to showcase our Blockchan technology at the the Mastercard LAC Forum 2017. The program and the forum brought together the brightest minds – to share ideas and create roadmaps that are key to financial inclusion, innovation and capable of critically advancing the payment industry.


“The 11 selected companies from across five countries are working on the largest array of innovations the program has seen to date. They are developing new ways to use blockchain, protect digital identity, digitize donations and manage healthcare data, among other solutions.”

Published by Mastercard on 30 November 2017 | Press Release


About Mastercard Start Path

Mastercard Start Path is a global effort to support innovative startups developing the next generation of commerce solutions today. Start Path was launched in 2014 with an objective to help startups to grow their businesses faster than they could by themselves. Startups that join the program can benefit from the knowledge of a global network of Mastercard experts, access to Mastercard customers and partners, and the ability to innovate on top of Mastercard solutions. Mastercard customers that join the program as partners get connected to the best and brightest startups and gain access to innovations from across the globe. For more information visit www.startpath.com or follow Mastercard Start Path on Twitter at @MAstartpath.


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