• March 12, 2016

AID:Tech Feedback from Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

AID:Tech Lebanon

AID:Tech Feedback from Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

AID:Tech Feedback from Syrian Refugees in Lebanon 1024 684 AID:Tech

Lebanon Refugees

AID:Tech were the first company in the world to deliver international aid via Blockchain technology in December 2015. Here is some feedback by the customers that took part in this project:

I just want to thank you for treating us with in most respectful manner possible; We were not humiliated, made wait for hours, push our way through or beg for vouchers. Our names were simply called and we approached to receive our vouchers, each according to their needs (in this case the family members)”.

“You gave us hope after being cut off from funding for over three years! I can finally buy things from the supermarket and make my family happy! Thank you.”

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“With my other vouchers I could not buy what I needed. We felt so controlled and watched. We were not allowed buy what we liked. Only certain products were allowed, and others weren’t. We were not even allowed buy cleaning products or detergents, when we lived in places that need the most cleaning and disinfecting!”

“I can bring my family shopping and not have to be ashamed that I am begging for products. This gave me the freedom of walking up and down the aisles and choosing what my family members and I needed. It was such a straight-forward, uncomplicated process at check-out, where my voucher was scanned and I was simply given my products! I felt proud and not embarrassed in front of my own children, as it looked like I was paying by card, because your PBT card looked just like a credit card. This feels great!”

“Your approach is so friendly and respectful. You made us feel great and treated us well, and invited us into a fancy hall where we all were seated down and given a very warm welcome by nice people with smiles on their faces. This is what we are looking for. Respect. We have been humiliated enough by the war, and you made us smile inside. God bless you..There’s still some good in this world’’